Service Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Mesa Riverview

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I have visited this location a few times. My experience has been good to great in the past but tonight that has ended. Although I was greeted with a hello, I was not informed it was necessary to check in with the new automated check in at the desk. After sitting and waiting our turn for about 15 minutes, I had my 2 sons with me, a customer walked in and he was informed to check in which he did. I then tried to check in myself. The system would not let me enter my phone number in correctly after several attempts. I then sat down again and waited another 15 minutes. One of the staff then called the customer who walked in after us. I promptly gathered my boys and left and plan to never return to this or any other Sports Clips. I understand that a business can be as good or bad as the staff it has. It also seems to me that there is a lot of turn over in staff in a place like this. One of the members I remembered from an earlier visit, sorry I don't know her name, she seemed nice. The other two, forget it. One must of been cutting her boyfriend's hair. When she was done with him she walked out with him. The other who somehow did not notice us waiting there, finished with her customer after a great while told him bye and that family members were free. Must of been family day today. I wasted at least a good 30 minutes there waiting with two younger boys and almost feel neglected on purpose perhaps. I proceed to another competitor just around the corner. I won't mention their name for it is not my purpose for writing this. They had a check in also of course but had a staff member do it for you. I am very capable of checking in myself but if the system won't let me I expect the staff to at least notice me and my boys in the shop. They were not very attentive at all. No stars. Today is the day I have fired Sports Clips.

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